Camo Kids at the Capitol

About Camo at the Capitol

Every year, the New Mexico Wildlife Federation and its members head to the Santa Fe Roundhouse to express their opinions on current issues to our state legislators. These issues include maintaining and expanding access to public lands, ensuring the health of state waterways, establishing wildlife corridors for safe wildlife migration, and more. Since 1914, the New Mexico Wildlife Federation has advocated for the protection of New Mexico's landscapes, waterways, and wildlife for New Mexicans present and future. Camo at the Capitol is an opportunity to get New Mexican voices to the policymaking table.

The right to vote and decide what issues to address, who our legislators are, and voice our opinions is the foundation of our American ideals and our democracy. Our elected state legislators [lawmakers] are tasked with passing laws that impact every person in New Mexico. Although the legal voting age is eighteen, there is no age requirement to learn this process and meet your elected legislators.

Join Nature Ninos and the New Mexico Wildlife Federation team for a fun, educational experience to meet with your state representative and your state senator to tell them what's important to you.

You have to be eighteen to vote, but you can make a difference at any age.

February 11th Class will Cover: 

  • The basic structure of government and decision-making
  • The bill-to-law process
  • What is advocacy & action?
  • Who is your legislator?
  • How to speak confidently with your legislator about the issues you care about
  • A visit to the Santa Fe Roundhouse to see it all in action!


This class focuses on the basics of New Mexico civics. This will be an opportunity to learn and participate in that process. The New Mexico Wildlife Federation is a 501©3 non-profit organization that actively educates and engages the public on issues related to public land, waterways, habitats, hunting rights, and youth education. This class will encourage different perspectives and healthy discussions.


  • Open for youth ages 9-18
  • Free registration
  • One in-person class 
  • One field trip to Santa Fe (Transportation & meals included)


  • Saturday, February 11th - 9AM - 1PM 

Introduction Activities

  • Monday, February 13th - 8AM - 4PM*

Camo at the Capitol at Santa Fe Roundhouse + Meet & Greet Legislators + Transportation & Meals Provided

Notes for Parents/Guardians

  • The trip to Santa Fe will be on a Monday, during government working hours. Please make proper arrangements with school if necessary.

    Everyone can make a difference. 

    Take your opportunity to learn how today.