Investigating the Outdoors

Investigating The Outdoors was created to provide homeschooled youth with the opportunity to engage, reflect and connect with the outdoors in meaningful and inspiring ways. 

This series of classes is geared toward youth ages 9-17 years old. The fees associated with these classes will cover the cost of instructional hours (Nature Niños staff and our nonprofit partners), materials, and entrance fees to any sites. There will be an ongoing "Nature Surthrive" Project that the kids will work on throughout the semester and we'll have a project display in December to show off their findings! Kids will choose their Nature Surthrive topic based on their own interests and passion to investigate more on a nature related topic. Most meetings will start at 9AM and end by 12Pm (this excludes site visits & hikes).

Classes are drop off. Detailed locations & specific times will be communicated via email before the semester starts and once registration closes. 

Families are responsible for transportation to and from all events. 

Families are REQUIRED to stay for hikes and site visits that are out of the Albuquerque area.

This series will be capped at 24 students. 

Semester Cost: $200 per child enrolled. 


Today was the first day of the "Investigating the Outdoors" Fall session. We focused on the interconnectedness of nature through webs, such as food chains, spider's webs, and even in human anatomy. We played name games, created creatures for complex habitats, and played a game of predator and prey, collecting food. Throughout the semester, we will learn about many more topics which will be more deeply investigated through reflective journaling and the Surthrive Project.