Nature Niños Forest School

By definition, Forest School programming connects children to the same natural space at least six times over the course of the season/s. Some people ask if the children become bored with the same spot, but they do not because they get to intimately know "their place" while witnessing the intricate changes that take place over time. This rooting into place allows for deep connections, understandings, & a sense of "home" to develop, which stays with the child far into their future. This meaningful connection is the base foundation for encouraging a young child's meaningful connection to nature. 

By creating partnerships with early childhood programs throughout the state NMWF will provide partially funded/funded forest school opportunities for children ages 3-5 that are in high risk, nature deficient areas. Part of the forest school experience will be providing professional development training to the child care center staff with that hopes that once we step away, programs will be better equipped to provide increased nature & place-based opportunities.

To apply for a Nature Niños Forest School opportunity click here.