Class Highlights: Week of Feb 21


We have so much fun in our Nature Niños classes every week! Our goal at Nature Niños is to provide youth with opportunities to connect with the outdoors in meaningful and mindful engagement. One way we can do this is through our community partnerships and this week we had some great opportunities!

In our Investigating the Outdoors class, our students enjoyed a drum circle and an acequia walk led by Ana Romero-Sanchez and Keith Sanchez. The students got the opportunity to connect nature with music and learn about how water is an important part of New Mexico's history. As a reminder of this they learned how to say "Water is life" in 3 languages - Agua es vida, Mni Wiconi, Tó éí iiná

In our Tiny Trees classes, we had two wildlife lessons! First, they learned about Canadian Geese, their migration, their diet, and what they sound like. Second, we were joined by Officer Sanders from the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish where the students not only learned about local wildlife, but got to see it! Officer Sanders brough pelts and skulls to show which animals live in New Mexico, how big they are, which teeth are for carnivores or omnivores, and what their fur feels like.

Thank you Officer Sanders, Ana, and Keith for your lessons this week!

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