RECORDING: Gardening & Sustainable Eating: Class 1 of 5


Today's class we covered:

  • Food Waste
  • Composting
  • Where Our Food Comes From

For our homework this week we are encouraging families to:

  • Create an at-home compost bin! There are many ways that you can go about this but here is a very simple and inexpensive strategy. DIY Composting Bin
  • Have conversations at home about what waste can be composted, what waste can be recycled and what waste is truly waste and can go into the trash can! This should be an eye opening conversation!! 
  • Come ready for next week's class with one food crop that you would like to try and plant in your space at home. You can plant in a pot on the porch or create a small garden but you don't need a TON of space to made an effort to grow your own food (even if it's just one variety).