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NEW: Free online resources for building reading skills at home!

Mar 19, 2020Liz Winter

Dear Teachers and Parents,

As school closings have been developing across the country, our team has been rapidly creating new digital resources to support you and your students in remote learning situations. We have already begun launching an all-new online series of short supplemental video courses for our Foundations program. Videos for Essentials are in the works, and we expect to begin releasing them soon.

These video courses will be available free of charge during this time of disruption for schools and families. We hope they will be helpful to you and your community! Please take a look, and please help us spread the word by sharing them with anyone who needs resources for strengthening reading skills.


The Logic of English Team
March 19, 2020

About the Video Courses

Who are these videos for?

  • Unexpected homeschoolers - parents with school children at home who are in need of easy-to-use, effective ways to strengthen reading and spelling skills.
  • Homeschool parents and teachers who are teaching an LOE curriculum and looking for some extra support and practice opportunities.
  • Classroom Teachers looking for resources their students can use at home to practice the skills they have been learning in LOE lessons.
  • What's Included?

    The Foundations videos include three key sections of Foundations lessons: phonogram instruction, phonogram drill, and spelling analysis. They also include some printable phonogram games designed for those who don't have access to the games in Logic of English curriculum. (Find more game ideas in our Facebook Live Series Game of the Day, broadcasting every weekday at 11 a.m. Central!)

    Many videos for Foundations B and C are available now, with more content coming soon. Videos for Foundations A and D, as well as videos for Essentials that are designed for use by older students, are in the works.

Click HERE to access this resource.