Ojito Wilderness: Mini HooDoo Hike


The Hoodoo Trail is great for the entire family. During the hotter months, you will want to make your visit early in the day or late afternoon, as there is little to no shade. The trail starts across the street from the parking lot, there is a sign. The rest if the trail is not marked but is easy to follow. There are plenty of areas to allow kids to play. The trail consists of sand and is fairly even all the way to the main hoodoos, which you can start to see about a half-mile in. If you follow the trail out to the lookout point there are some cliffs and the trail gets a little rockier. However, still very doable with kids and the view is amazing! There is little cell phone service out in the Ojito, so ensure you are able to download maps or directions beforehand.

*While we encourage letting kids explore, please be respectful of the delicate hoodoos(rock formations).