RECORDED: Animal Classification (Class 3 of 8)


Join us for class 3 in the series of 8 classes exploring why and how we classify animals. This week explored phylum's and specifically phylum's within the animal kingdom.

Your homework is below:

  • Go to the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology's Animal Diversity Web. In the search box, put in your favorite animal. Now write out its classification:

    • Kingdom: _______________

    • Phylum: _______________

    • Class: _______________

    • Order: _______________

    • Family: _______________

    • Genus: _______________

    • Species: _______________

  • Try to think of a few animals that would be very closely related to the first animal you chose and classified above. For example, if you chose "tiger," try "lion" and "panther." How close can you get? Can you get down to the same family? How about genus?

  • What animal could you find that was closest to yours?

  • Make a poster with your information! Try to draw your animal and any animals that were close in classification. 

Great job on your homework everyone!