RECORDED: Nature Road Trip- California & Oregon


Join us as we explore nature throughout the 50 states continuing with California & Oregon this week! We are exploring the topic of 30 x 30 and what steps we can take to make sure that 30% of our lands and waters are protected by the year 2030.

We have two tasks for next week:

- Research facts about Death Valley in California (feel free to present in any way that you see fit!)

- Choose one of the 7 Oregon Natural Wonders to research and learn more about! 

We set 3 goals this week:

Use reusable water bottles!

It takes over 1.5 million barrels of oil each year to manufacture plastic water bottles for the United States market.

Use reusable bags at the store!

No more paper plates!

Don't use paper plates for meals at home. They are easy and quick but are wasteful for our trees and the production of paper plates puts many harmful pollutants into our environment.