RECORDED: World of Trees with Sandia Mountain Natural History Center


Missed the LIVE class? Here is the recorded version PLUS additional resources! Thank you Miss Fiana! 

Activity: Get to Know a Tree

Materials Needed: journal or paper, pencil/pen/colored pencils/crayons, blindfold (bandana, scarf), and your senses!

1) If a family member can help, have them blindfold you, and lead you carefully to a tree. Or walk up to one, then close your eyes.

2) Get to know your tree by touch, sound, and smell (not taste). (Be careful touching tree with your eyes closed!)

3) Remove your blindfold (or open your eyes), and write or draw (pictures or doodles) what you noticed on your paper. Describe what you felt, heard, and smelled. (It's a challenge to describe these senses!)

4) Next, look closely at your tree. Look at its leaves, bark, branches, and any flowers, fruits, or seeds on or under it.

5) Write, draw, trace, or do rubbings of some of the parts of your tree (you don't have to do all). Label the parts if you can.

6) Now, look for signs of other living things (plants, animals, decomposers) that are using or may have used your tree. (Look up, look down, look for marks on leaves or holes in bark...)

7) Write or draw what you find in your paper.

8) Bonus: If you could ask the tree a question(s), what would it be?

9) Say goodbye to your tree, and thank it for letting you get to know it!

Tree Ring Video (and a tree ring activity at the end if you haven't gotten enough of trees yet!) Click HERE.

Tree ID and Leaf Rubbing Video

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Tree keys (for identifying some common wild tree species in New Mexico; ones around your home may not be on here, but you can try!):

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