Nurturing Your Child With Nature Series


The Nurturing Your Young Child with Nature series is for families with young children who are just learning to explore nature and the outdoors together, either because they did not experience an outdoor childhood themselves, or because they've now got their own young children and they wish to provide a childhood rooted in the awe and wonder of the Natural World. It is also for parents who embrace the idea of slowing down childhood by minimizing screen time and maximizing connection, all while enjoying the simple pleasures of being a child. Childhood should be about predictable routines and rituals, enjoying books and stories together, having the time to drop into deep, nurturing play, picnics in the park, walks in the neighborhood, worm hunting, and puddle splashing, getting a consistent dose of Vitamin N, and most importantly, joyful and playful connection to nature and the adults who care for us on a daily basis. Throughout this series, we will aim to get you thinking about how you parent, as well as how you can use Nature as a guide, tapping into the wonder that all young children possess for the Natural World. We will also provide you with a multitude of ideas and activities that will assist you in growing your own "Nature Nino", "fresh" from your own backyard!

We will meet via Zoom on Sundays at 11 am every two-three weeks, allowing you to implement new ideas and activities with your children in between our sessions. Sessions will run approximately 35-45 minutes and include a presentation, followed by discussion and sharing. We hope to grow an online community that supports the concept of cultivating a "slow childhood"; and once we are able to come together again, we hope to meet regularly for park play dates, pop-up play adventure, family hikes, shared nature explorations and more!

This series is a collaborative effort of Nature Ninos, NM (a program of the NM Wildlife Federation) and the City of Albuquerque Open Space division, but it is open to any family, anywhere. The sessions will be recorded so that they can be viewed later, making live attendance unnecessary (although we do hope to have you join us in our virtual village!) Handouts filled with ideas for extension based on the current session topic will also be shared and made available publicly.

To register for the entire 6 class series please email Sarah Candelaria at

You may also register for each individual class if you are unable to attend all 6 classes. The classes will be recorded and available as a resource on our website. 

Welcome to "Backyard Adventures: Designing on a Dime Part Two" which is episode 5 in the series " Nurturing Your Young Child With Nature," a project with New Mexico Wildlife Federation in partnership with the City of Albuquerque Open Space Division.

Welcome to "Backyard Adventures: Designing on a Dime" which is episode 4 in the Series "Nurturing Your Young Child with Nature," a project with New Mexico Wildlife Federation in partnership with the City of Albuquerque Open Space Division.