Get outside and volunteer.... 

Volunteer Opportunities

New Mexico Wildlife Federation and Nature Niños rely on the support of our volunteers to activate our mission which is to preserve and protect New Mexico's land, waters & wildlife for future generations. So, thank you for your services as a volunteer, we appreciate you.

Shady Lakes is an oasis of wetlands here in Albuquerque that we are striving to protect. Our collective goal, with the new owners, VARA Winery, and the Albuquerque Sign Language Academy, is to restore and preserve this property to ensure that the wildlife that relies on it can continue to do so. We have our work cut out for us but we are dedicated to the mission!

Due to COVID we are asking that all youth that would like to volunteer are accompanied by at least one adult family member (don't shy from bringing the whole family- the more the merrier). All work will be completed within family units to make certain that we are providing a COVID safe environment. All tools and supplies will be checked out to a family for their shift and returned and sanitized after each use.

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