The Nature Niños Youth Board is a new opportunity.

 Activities will begin in January 2023. 

Youth Board

A leadership opportunity for Nature Niños youth.

Nature Ninos New Mexico was created as a youth program initiative to get kids and families connected to nature. Nature Ninos focuses on the social-emotional benefit of being and interacting with nature. We each have our own ways of connecting, and there are many different ways to engage - recreation, academics, art - and Nature Niños wants to hear what interests our youth have from youth.


We want youth to have a voice in youth programming. We want to have their ideas, interests, and feedback inform program organizers about what activities, opportunities, and events would interest them. We want youth to feel empowered in their leadership, to support and strengthen their community, and to steward positive connections with nature for conservation and well-being. The Nature Niños Youth Board would be composed of youth who are motivated to make a difference in their community.


The Youth Board will be a group of Nature Ninos participants, focused on youth involved in Nature Niños programming such as the Investigating the Outdoors homeschool class, a charter school partnership, the summer Outdoor Adventure Camp, and other engaged youth from the community.

  • 2 Investigating the Outdoors students (1 semester term)
  • 2 Charter School studdents(1 year term)
  • 1 Summer Camp participant (1 year term)
  • 1 General Community Representative per city center (1 year term)

Typical Agenda

Meetings will be a 1.5 hour meeting, once per month led by a staff member of the New Mexico Wildlife Federation Nature Niños team. Topics will include time for youth to share opinions of their specific programs, time for Nature Ninos staff and the youth board to discuss new opportunities, and inform the group about upcoming events. Meetings will also include a leadership lesson and activity. These lessons may include topics such as money management, interview tips/tricks, Introduction to advocacy work, partnership and collaboration, and others.

Special Projects

Each semester (spring and fall) we will encourage the youth board to initiate and plan one event for the Nature Ninos community. This will be a youth-inspired youth-led event organized with Nature Niños community leaders and partners.

One-Time Events

  • Observation: New Mexico Wildlife Federation Board Meeting

NMWF has a Board of Directors overseeing and advising in its function as a non-profit entity. We will encourage our Youth Board participants to attend and observe 1 meeting during their term to see how adult non-profit boards run and what they focus on.

  • Team Building Event

Each semester, Nature Ninos will have a team building activity. Activities may include rafting, camping, hiking, or other options.

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New positions chosen in December (1-year terms) and July (1-semester terms).