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Outdoor Adventure Camp (Summer 2021)

Joins the Nature Niños Outdoor Adventure Camp starting June 7th through July 9th. Camp will run 3 days a week (Mon, Tues, Wed) from 9AM-3PM and will be held at 2 different locations (Shady Lakes and the ABQ Bio Park). Families are responsible for drop off and pick up each designated site location.

This camp is suitable for ages 10-15. We will be outdoors near 100% of the time.

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Welcome to Nature Niños New Mexico! Nature Niños New Mexico will be a platform to share the great things that are happening around our state that revolve around getting our niños connected to nature in all of its forms.

New Mexico Wildlife Federation's mission is to inspire New Mexicans to conserve public landscapes, watersheds, and wildlife for our children's future. By doing this we must engage and inspire our youth to have meaningful connections with nature during their childhood, creating future stewards of our beautiful state and all of its natural elements.

NMWF is spending time creating partnerships with national and local organizations that share this same vision. We hope that YOU will also join the Nature Niños team by inspiring those around you to encourage and allow our youth to reengage in nature.

Please visits our Programs Page to see all the amazing opportunities that Nature Niños is offering for our New Mexico youth from PreK thru High School. 

Shared in our FB Cover Photo Contest (Yancey Ranspot)
Shared in our FB Cover Photo Contest (Yancey Ranspot)