Nature Niños New Mexico

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Welcome to Nature Niños New Mexico! Nature Niños New Mexico will be a platform to share the great things that are happening around our state that revolve around getting our niños connected to nature in all of its forms.

The priority of Nature Niños is to reach underserved children and families in the greater Albuquerque area that are lacking opportunities to connect with our public lands and encourage them to have a meaningful, purposeful and personal connection to the natural world. Through this mission we are creating a new generation of land, water and wildlife stewards to protect and foster creative solutions to the long-term care of our planet while nature helps to nourish their social and emotional health and wellbeing. Through this initiative we look to serve Title 1 schools, homeschooling families and other community members and families throughout the state that are looking to connect to a "community within a community" of other families escaping to the great outdoors!  

NMWF is spending time creating partnerships with national and local organizations that share this same vision. We hope that YOU will also join the Nature Niños team by inspiring those around you to encourage and allow our youth to reengage in nature.

Please visits our Programs Page to see all the amazing opportunities that Nature Niños is offering for our New Mexico youth from PreK thru High School. 

Shared in our FB Cover Photo Contest (Yancey Ranspot)
Shared in our FB Cover Photo Contest (Yancey Ranspot)


This week was week one of the Summer Adventure Camp and there was lots of fun! This week was full of fishing, archery, birding, nature journaling, art class, and more.

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