RECORDED: Animal Classification (Class 2 of 8)


This week we explored the 6 Kingdoms of life!

- We will be utilizing the Gimme Five resource from Getting Nerdy with Gerdy during the class. This resource costs $4. It is a digital download. This is NOT required but might be a fun follow-up activity for your kids to have! 

- This is a video we will be viewing in class and the kids can review after class: 6 Kingdoms Explained

- Homework: Create a 6 Kingdoms Brochure. If your child would like to turn this assignment in (not required) I'll be highlighting their projects on our website & our Facebook page! They can send them back as a PDF, photos, or even as a short video as they explain their brochure! The more creative the better- as long as it's a format that I can reshare! 

-Practice the BRAMF Song

Great job on your homework everyone!