Mindful Monday


Mindful Monday
Practicing mindfulness can help us to increase our ability to regulate emotions, while also decreasing stress, anxiety & depression. In addition, it can help us to improve our focus & attention. These are all important skills for a child's development. We encourage you to take a few minutes to follow our Mindful Moment invitation with...

Let's talk about natural loose parts! Here are some simple ideas for engaging your young children with natural loose parts that you can easily find/collect/organize right from your neighborhood.

Welcome to our Public Lands 101 series! We'll dive into some of the biggest issues facing public lands in the past and today. Our first one focuses on national monuments and the monument review that began in May 2017. Click HERE to view the entire series.

Nature Ninos is very happy to announce that we now have our Mindful Moments offered in Spanish! Take a peek at our Mindful Nature Moments page for simple & easy wants to have mediational moments in nature.

Here are a few great videos to watch, created by EENM and their Exploring Equitable Education Outdoors Fellows (I happen to be one of them). Take a few minutes to watch each video- all 4 are filled with inspirational words of wisdom.

CALLING ALL TEACHERS & SCHOOL STAFF/ADMIN: NMWF is working to secure 4 classrooms throughout the state to work on a Wild Harvest: Sustainable Eating project that would entail bringing the experiential learning opportunity of skinning, quartering, processing and learning to cook large game wild meat in the classroom.